Dear readers! Did you apply for a Turkey scholarship? The interview is ongoing at the Turkey Grant currently? We are here to give the common questions ask by the Turkish scholarship to enroll eligible applicants. For you to answer these questions ensure your response is the same as what you wrote in your intention letter while applying.

However, the words might not be the same but make sure they have the same meaning. Also, let the achieving of your goal be your top priority and ensure it is related to your specialization and pictured plans after graduation in the future.

Category of Interview Questions in the Turkish Scholarship

The Turkish Scholarship interview questions are categorized into four parts, they are:

  • Personal questions
  • Academic questions
  • General questions, and
  • Closing questions

Part 1: Personal Details

  • Here, you will be asked to introduce yourself in summary? In this question, you will briefly say something about yourself. The introduction must be in line with what you wrote in your Curriculum Vitae and what you wrote when filling the application form. This will also include your academic qualifications and professional skills (if there is any).
  • You will also be asked about your brothers if you have, and how many
  • Are you single or married?
  • Your parent’s occupation, and are they still alive.

Part 2: Academic Qualifications

In this second phase of interview questions, you as an interviewee must expect the questions like:

  • What is the reason behind choosing to leave your country and continue your study in Turkey?
  • What is the university that you choose and the reason behind choosing it? Note: You are advised to read something or everything related to the university on the Internet. You can also browse during the interview to know about it.
  • What is the reason behind choosing the specialization?
  • Do you have any goals and plans in the future after your graduation? What are they? Note: Ensure that your goals go inline with your specialty and plans after your graduation.
  • Do you know any prominent scholars in your field of specialization at the level of Turkey or in the world? (You can use your internet to search for them if you don’t know any
  • Where will you stay after graduation: Turkey or your country?

Part 3: General questions

The interviewee should expect these questions from their interviewers:

  • Do you know anything about Turkey? Kindly tell us. Your answer must include president/capital / largest city)
  • Tell us any notable people in Turkey or in your country of living.
  • What are the contemporary issues in your country of living, Turkey, or the world at large?
  • Be expected to be asked questions related to the field of your specialization.

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Part 4: Final questions

The final part of the questions is the most important questions to be answered. The questions are:

  • Can you tell us what distinguishes you from other people?
  • Tell us what should motivate us to grant you our scholarship?
  • If you are failed to accept, what do you think your reaction will be?

Please feel free to ask us any other question about the grant!