The Deanship of Admission and Registration announces date for  the start of foreign transfer for the academic year 1442 AH to start on Sunday 1441/10/29AH and last till Sunday 1441/11/20AH. The application will be processed online via a private portal. 

Submission portal for external transfer is here.

Transfer Conditions

1. Transfer is limited to Saudi students, or non-Saudis from a Saudi mother.
2. The student must be enrolled in the undergraduate stage only.
3. The student must meet the conditions for admission to the department to which he wishes to transfer.4. The weighted ratio should not be less than (75%) for theoretical departments (secondary 60%, capabilities 40%), scientific departments (secondary 40%, capabilities 30%, and achievement 30%).

5. The student’s average must not be less than (2.75) out of (5), or not less than (1.75) from (4) at the bachelor’s level.
6. He must not have exceeded half of the university’s graduation requirements.

7. That the student not be disconnected, academic, or disciplined.
8. That the transfer be to a corresponding department at the university.
9. The student must be transferred from a public university.
10. Priority will be given to requests for transfer from outside the city of Riyadh, after presenting evidence that the family has moved to Riyadh.

11. Transfer from community colleges or diploma stage is not accepted.
12. The application is referred to the relevant college at the university to give final approval after checking the controls, and  in the event of non-approval the application is not referred to another college.

College Conditions

  1. Transfer is not accepted for medical school.
  2. Transfer to the departments of the College of Engineering and the College of Computer and Information Sciences is only accepted for those who have completed at least one semester in the major.
  3. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences stipulates that the general secondary school average must not be less than (90%) scientific, and the degree of measurement (capabilities or achievement) must not be less than 70%, and that the preparatory program (scientific or administrative pathway) must pass at a cumulative rate of no less than (3.75 out of 5) ).
  4. For transfer to the language and translation course, the STEP must be at least (55%).


  1. Initial acceptance of the application does not imply approval of the transfer.
  2. Requests that do not meet the above transfer controls, or whose owners have not been reviewed within the specified period after final approval will be excluded.
  3. The documents are uploaded in high resolution electronic format.

Required documents for the transfer

1. A copy of the secondary certificate.
2. Letter or transfer form from the university from which it is transferred.
3. The original academic record.
4. Description of courses taught at the other university (topics per course).
5. Proving the family’s move to Riyadh.
6. A copy of the identity card (ID card for Saudis or residency for non-Saudis from a Saudi mother).
7. A copy of the birth certificate (for non-Saudis from a Saudi mother).