The majority of students want to study in Arab countries but they don’t know where and how to register. Relax, we are here to shortlist the Arab countries’ scholarship that is presently open and accept Non-Saudis students into their institutions.

Below is the list of available Arab Universities that still open to non-Saudis for scholarship application, application starting date, closing date, conditions of the scholarships and the registration links.

#1. UBD Graduate Scholarship (Graduate Degree)

The UBD Graduate Scholarship (UGS) is awarded to outstanding academics, students, and professionals for undertaking graduate studies and advanced research at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

The scholarship has been opened for any interest students who want to pursuit a Graduate degree scholarship at the university since 11th May 2020 and will be closed on 14th July 2020.

#2. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih University Scholarship

Registration for the Sultan Muhammad Fatih University Scholarship for 2020 for all academic levels commences and still on. You can apply now before it’s too late.

#3. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Scholarship

Your request must be complete to be reviewed by the admissions office. If any documents are missing from your file, you will be asked to submit them before you can review them. If your application passes the admissions examination, it will be evaluated by the faculty review committee for each program.

#4. Islamic University of Madinah (Undergraduate Program)

The Islamic University of Madinah Admission and Registration Deanship, Saudi Arabia has been publicized the announcement of the opening of the school scholarship application for the Bachelor’s program since the earlier month of March 2020.

Try to apply before it’s too late!

#5. Northern Border University (NBU)

The Northern Borders University is an institution which offers a scholarship program for non-Saudi residents who are academically willing to study either from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

#6. AlQasimia University Scholarship for fall semester 2020/2021

AlQasimia University which is located in the United Arab Emirates is one of the universities that still opened for scholarship admissions. The colleges in which the applicants can be chosen from are five. Just select one and skip the rest.

#7. Islamic University of Madinah E-learning and Distance Education

The approval for the foundation of the Deanship of Distance Education was issued on 27/12/1428AH, and thank Allah it was crowned by the successful approval on 03/07/1429AH.

#8. King Abdulaziz University Postgraduate Scholarship

The scholarship application for postgraduate applicants has been opened since months back. The good news is that it is still open till this moment while aspirants think it has been closed.


The above article is all about the available Arab universities that presently accept scholarship applications from non-Saudi indigenes. Hopefully, the article was helpful? Do you have any problems with any of the universities? Please kindly share it with the earlier solution. Do not forget to share the post for others to benefit from it too.