Things to pay attention to in the Al-Qasimia University interview. To get into the interview, get the following criteria ready.

  1. Application to use: Download and install the Zoom application on your PC or mobile smartphone.
  2. Ensure that you review the form in which the application was submitted.
  3. The reference number that begins with Q
  4. The name and surname as it is on your passport.
  5. Are you married according to the form?
  6. The passport number?
  7. Email?
  8. Which college did you choose?
  9. Why is the college chosen?
  10. Do you have any sect? What is it?
  11. What is your religion?
  12. Tell us your nationality according to the form?
  13. What is your date of birth according to the submitted form?

Note: Interview questions are often depending on the college you choose. It is not limited to the above questions only.

We ask God for your success and acceptance.

Bonus for You


The above are things to be aware of before attending to the AlQasimia University interviews. All the best!