The Deanship of Student Affairs at Umm Al-Qura University invited its male and female students to join the electronic summer center “from a distance”.

The university gives this opportunity to create an entertainment environment that supports the student talents and encourages them the opportunity to develop their abilities and hone their different skills.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Omar Sunbul, stated that the center aims to provide an area of ​​luxury for students through which they can enjoy their hobbies with their peers.

Apart from that, they are to develop their talents, and keep pace with their aspiration for everything that is new, under the supervision of specialists in the fields they desire.

The center also includes several development paths such as language pathway, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, effective leader, talent discovery, self development, computer and digital technology, design, influential media, career research tools, Quran and Hadith preservation, in addition to the path of nutrition and health fitness.

It is worth mentioning that the center, which starts from 29/10/1441AH (21/06/2020) to 03/12/1441AH (23/07/2020) of this year, witnessed during more than 20 years the cultivation of talents of many young energies, and contributed to harnessing their energies and refining their talents.

Goals of the Center

  • The center aims to raise and develop the skill level of Umm Al-Qura University students, and optimize their capabilities and talents.
  • It opens different fields as well as paths for students to develop according to their needs, and building a flexible calendar that helps students focus on their actual needs.
  • Keeping up with conversation from the educational and professional fields, highlighting it, and presenting it to students in a simple and smooth way, expanding students’ perceptions, and keeping abreast of their aspiration for all that is new and special.
  • Maximum use of time by students, creating a supportive learning environment that supports talents and gives students the opportunity to develop themselves and work to enhance their various skills.

Program Duration and Deadline

The program will last for five weeks which Commences by the 29/11/1441 AH (21/06/2020 AD) to 03/121441 AH (23/07/2020). You can register within the period.

How To Register?

Any interested student can register for this E-learning program. To apply, you can simply click here. If you have any issue, kindly drop it using our comment box section or our contact-us page.