Majmaah University opens scholarships application to non-Saudi students in order to study in the Kingdom of Saudi at the university.

The university of Majmaah offers two kind of scholarships which are: external grants (for non-Saudi students residing outside the Kingdom of Saudi), and internal grants (for non-Saudi students residing in the Kingdom with residential permits).

The grants at the university are free, partial, or paid according to the rules guiding it through the University Council, and in a manner that does not disagree with the regulations governing it.

Admission Requirements for Majmaah University Scholarships

The requirements for the admission which is applicable to Saudis residents at the university are also applicable to external scholarship students. Below are the requirements:

  • Any student who want to apply for the scholarship should be between the age of seventeen (17) years old and twenty five (25) years old.
  • He should not have previously accepted as a scholarship student from an educational institution in the Saudi Kingdom.
  • He should be able to provide his certificates as well as identity papers with the attestation from the embassy and cultural attachés in the candidates’ countries.
  • The scholarship is not for any student who have been previously expelled from any educational institution in Saudi Kingdom.
  • That he pass his medical examination which will be determined by the authority in charge at the university.
  • The student may be required to present a recommendation letter from any of the bodies, institutions, or personalities who specified by Majmaah university.
  • The external scholarship students must accept to leave this Kingdom after he completed his studies at the University. This should be at a period which would not exceed 3 months from the date of his graduation at the university. If the initial program period ends, it might not be graced with extension of more than half of it.

How To Apply for the Scholarship? What’s the Scholarship Deadline?

You have a grace to register for the external grants of Majmaah University undergraduate program electronically through the academic system portal at the university through here.

You should know that it must be done during the application period which specified for students to enroll in for the scholarship, and the registration procedures and admission are completed by the university.

What’s the deadline for the registration? The non-extendable deadline for the registration for the Majmaah University external scholarship is within the period of 03/02/1442 A.H which equivalents to (20/09/2020 A.D) and 16/02/1442 A.H which equivalents to (03/10/2020 A.D.) You can apply now before its too late.

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