Fahad Bin Sultan admission registration is still ongoing for the interested students. The university announced the continuity of accepting students for the 2019/2020 summer semester program. It has been opened for a while and the admission registration still continue. You can apply now.

Let’s show you what you need to do or have before you could apply for the Fahd Bin Sultan University admission. This includes admission conditions, the required documents and information needed after the application process completed.

Admission Terms and Conditions

  • The  students who want to apply for the regular program should have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Whoever want to apply should be of good conduct and behavior
  • He/she must have a diploma from community colleges, the technical college, or from private schools.
  • Regular program applicants must pass the aptitude test (the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation).
  • Also, the candidate must obtain approval to join the study if the student is an employee of a government or private agency before they could applied.
  • The candidates must be medically fit and okay.
  • The student must not have been expelled from another university or college
  • The student should meets with any other terms and conditions approved by the university or college that the application is submitted to.
  • Payment of 1000 riyals, the fees for joining the university is non-refundable 

Note: any students who have applied to the university after been met the above conditions are notified of the date of handing over the original documents required for admission, after which their opportunity to accept will be canceled if they fail to submit on the given date.

Required Documents

  • Students are required to submit their civil status card or family card for female students (for Saudis) residency or passport for non-Saudi residents.
  • Submission of two personal photo passport for the student is required.
  • The original document proofing that you attended secondary school
  • The original results of test and the score.

Note: the original and a copy of each documents is required.

Information Needed Before Submission of your Application

  • Ensure the information entered is very correct and accurate.
  • You must have an e-mail address through which you can check and receive your admission status.
  • All the important fields that you must fill are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • You’re allowed to amend the data entered while your application has not been successfully accepted.
  • You’re advised to visit the university website frequently for latest updates and developments.

How To Apply For Fahad Bin Sultan University Scholarship

Do you have interest in the university? Are you ready to apply? Have you checked the terms and conditions of the application and meet with it? What about the required documents? Do you have everything with you? If yes, you’re eligible for this scholarship. You can click here to apply now.

We wish you all the best!