Salaam alaikum to everyone! We are here to show you some frequent questions asked on the King Abdulaziz University website. The university offers various programs both fully funded scholarship and paid scholarship. A program for medical students is just introduced recently for medical students. It also has programs for deaf and hard-hearing students.

Below are the frequently asked questions in the university. Check it out..

Q1: What is the certificate offered by the Institute of Arabic Linguistics to students in the department?
A1: A diploma of proficiency in the Arabic language

Q2: Can a female student study without a mahram?
A2: The female student is not accepted without a mahram accompanying her, and the Muharram residence card must be attached to the application and it must be valid.

Q3: What are the procedures to follow while applying for the program?
A3: Submission to the scholarship is made via the electronic portal on the Internet, the schedule, during the period of opening the portal to receive grant requests according to the announced schedule.

Q4: What are the study levels available in the major?
A4: The study plan for the specialization consists of four levels, and the male / female student joins the appropriate level based on the result of the classification test that he performs after his admission to the program, and moves from one level to another after he has obtained 60% or more of the total degrees of the courses of that level.

Q5: Is there a section available for female students?
A5: A female section was found at the Center for University Studies in عليشة (Building 27).

Q6: What are the conditions for admission to the program for male and female students?
A6: Below are the conditions

  • The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Not to have previously studied in a similar program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • His rating should not be less than (Very Good).
  • Not to have previously studied in a similar program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To be free from learning barriers.
  • He must not be more than twenty-five (25) years old.
  • That the female student has a mahram in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Q7: Is there a specific date for responding to the request for admission and where to check the updates?
A7: The dates of admission, the opening of the portal, and the results appear on the admission portal every year which can be checked through

Q8: What are the available specialization courses?
A8: The study plan for the specialization can be found by entering the following link:
Study plan and the course while the descriptions can also be found by clicking on Course Description.

Q9: Are there other programs to teach the language for those who do not want to attend the university?
A9: Yes, there are evening paid programs as required by the language learner.

Q10: What is the period of time to complete the proficiency diploma program in the Arabic language?
A10: The duration of the program to complete for beginners from the first level, four semesters (two academic years). According to the result of the classification test, the program contains four academic levels, (20) hours are calculated for each semester.

Q11: Is a student entitled to enroll in university after completing the program?
A11: Yes, if it meets the requirements for candidacy for the university.

Q12: What are the conditions for joining the university after completing the program?

  • The high school student gets a very good grade or above.
  • His high school diploma should be equivalent to the Saudi high school diploma.
  • The student graduates in the proficiency diploma program in the Arabic language, with a cumulative average of no less than (3.75).
  • That he is obliged to attend fully.
  • To be characterized by good manners with everyone.
  • Passing the oral interview conducted by the nominating committee for the first joint year in the Department of Language and Culture.

Q13: What specializations can a holder of sufficient proficiency in Arabic language study at the university?
A13: First Joint Year (Humanitarian-Scientific-Business Administration).

Q14: Is there any guidelines to follow when applying for the scholarship.

A14: Yes, you can check here for how to apply for the KSU scholarship. Please if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.