To find out how to apply without error, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check the required documents and the terms and conditions of the scholarship

To be eligible for the AlQasimia scholarship, you must check whether you obtain all the required documents or not. Also, do not get carried away by checking the conditions governing admission such as age. If you are over 20, you are not eligible.

Step 2: Check the instructions and commence your registration

Before applying after eligibility, be sure to check the instructions below:

  • All the elements marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed, knowing that incomplete applications will not be taken into account.
  • Regarding the required documents, all documents to upload must be colored and clear, the file must be in PDF format on one page for each document and the personal image in JPG format.
  • You can complete your online request by logging into the application more than once. You can also save and complete the request later.
  • Those who are admitted are distributed among the university colleges within the limit of enrollments to be accepted in each college according to the capacity of each program, priorities and desires.

Step 3: Select the program of your choice

Here, you only need to choose the academic year with which you wish to start and the three different programs desired with three different specializations among the five faculties available at AlQasimia University.

Step 4: Personal details

Ensure that you fill in all the necessary details without any errors. Any error can make your application invalid. Details include full name in English and Arabic, nationality, international passport identification number, the place of issuance, the passport expiry date, the card number of national identity of your country.

The unified number (for UAE applicants only) will also be entered. Do not fill this if you are from outside the United Arab Emirates. You will also fill in the other details such as the date of birth according to your passport, place of birth, marital status, religion, etc. After all these details, you will now upload the documents according to their requests.

Step 5: Contact information

Here you will need to fill in your details like mobile phone number (don’t forget to include country code like +996), valid email, phone numbers, home address and finally the Skype account info. If you do not have a skype account, please download the skype application on your phone and register.

Step 6: Academic qualifications (المؤهلات)

Here you will enter academic qualifications such as high school certificate, type of education, high school certificate system, average score as it was written in the certificate or transcripts, type, name of your school, country, etc. You will finally upload the listed academic qualifications before proceeding to the next step. Before proceeding to the next step, if you have other academic qualifications such as the national diploma or the higher national diploma, you can complete it.

Step 7: Select the language you speak

In this step, you have the option to select the language you speak well, such as Arabic, English or other.

Step 8: Upload your other documents

You must upload other documents such as a certificate, a driving certificate (testimony), a medical aptitude certificate, a knowledge document for all students from abroad (to download the attachment, click here) and a administrative approval form for students not residing in the United Arab Emirates (to download the attachment, click here)

Step 9: Agreement and final submission

Finally, you must accept (AlQasimia University scholarship conditions, admission conditions, declaration and commitment) by checking the three boxes before clicking on send.

Registration link (الرابط التقديم)

To fully start your registration after the awareness creation, click on


The above article discusses about the steps to follow in registering for AlQasimia University Scholarship after eligibility status is confirmed. Do you still have a problem with registration? If yes do not hesitate to reveal it by using the below comment box. Also do not forget to share this explanatory post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on. May Almighty Allah ease our affairs. Eid-ul Fitr Mubarak in advance!