Do you know that King Abdulaziz University just announces the start dates for electronic admission to the undergraduate and diploma programs for the new academic year 1442 AH? Good to hear you aware of the commencement of the program.

Do you have an interest in the program and want to apply? Don’t you know to put in for the KAU diploma or undergraduate program(s)? Relax, and follow this tutorial. The tutorial will show you how to apply for the program, and how to help other brothers who want to apply but fail due to a reason best known to them.

The university announces the admission into the duo programs (Undergraduate and Diploma) just of recent. The application is still ongoing and you can apply before the deadline for the application. Apply now before it’s too late.

Let’s go to the subject of matter by discussing how to apply for King Abdulaziz University’s bachelor’s degree and diploma. However, you can learn more about what you should know before applying for admission through here.

How To Apply for King Abdulaziz University Undergraduate and Diploma Program(s)?

You still want to learn how to apply? You can apply by following the below steps while applying.

Step 1: Go to the University Registration Page

In this step, you are to visit the admission and registration page and confirm your interest in the program. To confirm the application, just scroll down a bit to read all the important instructions. After reading it, just scroll down till you see a confirmation message which writes in red color, check/mark the button to certify, and to show you are ready to abide by the rules and regulations guiding the program/university.

Step 2: Start New Registration

In step two, you will see some spaces where you will select the type of ID card that you want to use, (select the appropriate one) from the options shown to you sex, ID number, the year you graduated from the school, email address to receive information related to your admission status, phone number, password, and a passcode which appear on the page.

At the end of this stage, you will confirm that the phone numbers that you entered are very correct before clicking on the continuation or next.

Bonus for you

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Please complete the registration, it’s very easy to do. Although, we are going to add the remaining steps in sha Allah as soon as possible. If you need any help, please notify us through the comment box section.