May Almighty Allah blessing be upon you all our dear readers and followers. As usual, we are here to help some students who want to study abroad especially at NBU, however, they do not know how to apply for Northern Border University scholarship.

Please put all your worries aside and follow us on this full step-by-step tutorial on how to apply for the NBU scholarship. This grant is opened to both males and females who are non-Saudia and want to study at a higher education institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of the vital conditions guiding this scholarship application is that the applicant’s age must not exceed 25 years old. otherwise, their admission will be automatically be rejected. It is surely invalid. This university just released the nomination list and interview dates for postgraduate students You can log in now to check your admission status and scheduled dates for the interview..

Procedures on How To Apply for Northern Border University Scholarship

Hope you want to learn about how to apply for Northern Border University scholarship? Below are the steps to follow while applying:

Step 1&2: Go to the official admission page and start with Personal Details

Use the browser of your (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) on your device, enter the NBU admission page through

Once you are on the admission homepage, kindly start filling your personal details with correct information about you. The info you are expected to input include passport number and other details on the passport, sex, nationality, date, and place of birth.

Note: In a space where you are expected to passport number, the field only accepts digits and rejects letters. Just ensure you do not include letter. If your passport number is Y12345678, just remove Y, and write 12345678 only.

Step 3: Info about your school

Here, you are to fill the details about the high school you graduated from. This includes school name, country situated, date obtained the certificate, and grade.

Step 4: Contact Information

In this step, you are to write your contact details. This is where to trace you to in case of emergency or to feed you on any information required. This includes mobile number and its alternative, your email address (correct one), country of living, your district in your country, city, post office box number or postal code, city, as well as street name and your house number.

Step 5: File Attachments or Uploading

In this step, you will need to attach your files. In other word, you are to upload all the required documents. Before uploading these files, make sure it is in right format. The only acceptable format is PDF. Convert your files to PDF and upload them one after the other.

To upload your files, just click on choose file for each of the documents to be uploaded. Select the file from your folder and upload it.

You only need to upload three documents and they are:

  • High school certificate collected from your previous school as an evidence of graduated from the school.
  • Passport Identity: this shows you are a real citizen of the country you choose while filling the personal information.
  • Other files: here, you can choose to upload any other documents that proofs you as a student of knowledge who graduated from a high school. It can be Quran certificate, report sheet, testimonial, and so on.

By doing all the previous steps, that means you acknowledge that all data submitted by you in the application is true and complete, and also aware that if false information is provided, your request will be terminated, automatically denied. Now proceed to the very last step.

Step 6: Submit your application

Here is where the final decision is made, it’s a pillar which makes your application submitted successfully to the Northern Border University portal. If you attend to all the first five steps and you forget this last step, definitely, do not expect any message or approval of your application.

You can download the tutorial here on YouTube or watch the video tutorial here

How To apply for Northern Border University Scholarship
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Bonus for you

To submit your application successfully, just click “Send the Request”. You can also click here to apply for the internal scholarship of NBU for the bachelor program if you are a non-Saudi resident. Also, the NBU opens diploma registration at the moment.

In conclusion, that’s everything you need to learn about how to apply for the Northern Border University scholarship. If it is not clear enough, please watch the attached video clip or use the comment box section to send your message.