The IELTS, International English Language Testing System is a certified test based which gives the opportunity to apply for the test in order to benefit international students who want to study abroad.

The test system works toward building students’ futures. An estimation of five million-plus international students applies for the IELTS exam from almost every nation every year.

In addition, it has produced numerous multi-talented students who have the ability to clear this IELTS exam with an excellent result. Meanwhile, this scholarship is available for international students who want to apply but financially stranded. It makes some of them give up on the test.

The good news is that for the stated reason, the scholarship application is launched in order to favor those students by sponsoring them with the waiver of the IELTS exam payment.

Who is Eligible for the IELTS Exam Scholarship?

The International English Language Testing System test scholarship is only opened to any students who fulfill the below requirements as they are the only way to be eligible for the application.

  • The age of the candidate must not above 32 years old.
  • The applicants must have his/her High School result with which their minimum marks should be 75%.
  • The one who wants to apply for the scholarship must undergrad their courses with nothing less than 3.0 GPA.
  • The exam waiver scholarship can also be enjoyed bythe 7th & 8th-semester students, therefore, they are required to provide their transcripts info for the first six (6) semesters which must not less than 3.0 GPA
  • One who want to apply must not have history of sitting for an IELTS test before.
  • The family income of the applicants are required to provide their family bank statements if their income is fall under US$250 in a month, as well as tax receipts.
  • They are to submit one recommendation letter collected from their teacher. The letter must clearly state why the candidate deserve to be sponsored.

IELTS Exam Scholarship Benefits

  • The great news about the IELTS Exam Fee waiver is that it covers full payment for the candidates. This goes in line with council of British, AEO and or any other IELTS test-taking organization rates.
  • Secondly, the International English Langauge Testing System exam full payment made via the bank accounts of the successful candidates. They are to expect it within 45 days after the result declared.

How to apply for IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship?

This applications as it has been discussed above is only available for eligible students only. The form cannot be filled by others. If you want to submit your form, click on this link and fill the form.

Bonus for you

The scholarship deadline is 30th of August, 2020. Ensure you apply in time before its too late. If you have any problem with the application, kindly share it through the below comment box section. All the best.