Islamic University of Madinah announces the commencement of the application for admission to the diploma programs at the Deanship, for the academic year 1442 AH, during the period 11/11/1441 – 12/12/1441 AH.

The program is available to accept students for various courses in the diploma program. One of the courses is system diploma which aims to provide professional competencies and cadres specialized in the field of legal systems of various kinds, to cover the needs of the business sector and various activities in the areas of laws.

It also want to meet the requirements of various economic and service sectors, and to enhance the ability of graduates to link between theoretical study and practical reality through training on actual practices, and raising The ability of the graduate to meet the requirements of job performance in various legal fields; In a way that allows him to join suitable job opportunities in the labor markets in the Kingdom.

The detailed objectives of the program:

The program aims to provide educational and training opportunities for students with a high school diploma and its equivalent, to prepare qualified national cadres in the legal field; And contribute to the career and self-development of workers in this field in various sectors of society, through:

1.      Introduce the basic principles of law (the legal system), and deepen the student’s understanding of the knowledge and skills associated with the practical application of the various branches of law in economic, social, governmental or private, private or public units

2.      Deepening the knowledge of the male / female student in the various fields of systems through what the program offers of systems decisions that cover the career fields available to graduates, and the legal and judicial knowledge required by those fields that support the ability to perform distinguishedly in the profession.

  1. Providing the male / female student the ability to implement the various branches of the law, according to the standards of professional performance in the Kingdom.
  2. Training the male / female student to apply knowledge and skills in the various branches of law through case studies, practical training and workshops.
  3. Developing communication skills, dealing with others, working in the spirit of teamwork, developing the ability to analyze and expressing a sound legal opinion on various issues, and developing the creative capabilities of male and female students .

Conditions for admission to the program

  • To have a high school diploma or equivalent from inside or outside the kingdom.
  • To be of good conduct and behavior.
  • To successfully pass any test or interview you see the university (if any)
  • payment of tuition fees in the event of final acceptance of this program.

Required Documents:

–        High school certificate, with a copy of the original for conformity;

–         Civil Status card or family image with original matching;

–         stay (valid card) for non – Saudis with the original image to match.

How To Apply for Islamic University Diploma

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