King Abdulaziz University announces the start dates for electronic admission to the undergraduate and diploma programs for the new academic year 1442 AH.

The admission into the duo programs (Undergraduate and Diploma) is released and scheduled according to the following:

Admission schedule

This scheduling deals with a number of stages which include the application and registration stage, the stage scheduled for confirmation of the application, the stage to do the comparison, the stage in which the result is made and announced, and lastly, the acceptance confirmation stage. Let’s look at the stages one after the other.

The application and Registration Stage

The application and registration stage is a stage in which graduates of high schools are allowed to input their information through the university’s admission portal page with the possibility of modification. This stage starts as of the 21/11/1441 AH and lasts for just a week by ending on 29/11/1441 AH

The stage to confirm your application

this second stage is just activated a few days according to a legitimate source before the application is closed. It is a stage that allows the applicants to finally review their details and do any amendments or modifications before closing the page and submit their application.
This period starts from 27/11/1441 AH and ends on 29/11/1441 AH.

The comparison and the announcement of the results of the candidates stage

The applicants’ data should be ensured to go in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and measurement, then the results of the candidates for admission are announced on this date. Here is where the candidates are given a specific period of time limit to confirm and show their desire through their portal with their accounts. This period starts by 06/12/1441 AH.

Confirmation of acceptance stage

After confirming and showing the interest in the program, the student is granted the university number, during which the final comprehensive review of the candidate’s data that matches his attachments, verifying his identity, and issuing the university card for identity purpose.

How To Apply?

  • Beginning of registration: 21/11/1441 AH
  • Registration deadline: 29/11/1441 AH
  • Registration link: to apply for this program of KAU, kindly click here.

Bonus for you

If there is any problem encountered while registering on the university portal, kindly use our comment box section.