King Faisal University announced the results of male and female candidates for admission to graduate programs for the academic year 1442 AH, via the electronic admission portal on Thursday 19/10/1441 AH corresponding to 11/6/2020.

The announced programs amounted to 56 programs in postgraduate studies submitted by ten colleges, as follows: 6 programs in doctorate, 47 programs in masters and 3 programs in diploma, and the admission process to according to the terms of admission.

In Saudi universities, taking into account the application of the criteria for achieving a differentiation in fairness in candidacy for admission.

His Excellency the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ziyad bin Abdullah Al-Hamam, stated that His Excellency the President of the University, Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Ohali, directed the creation of specialized and intermediate postgraduate programs as required by the labor market, and directed a comprehensive development of all existing graduate programs.

The number of applicants and applicants reached (4065), (1109) applicants and applicants were accepted, the percentage of males reached 42.7% with 473 applicants, and the female percentage 57.3% with the number of 636 applicants, and 97% for Saudis.

With a capacity of nearly double the number accepted in the past year.Dr. Al-Hamam invited all applicants and applicants for graduate studies programs to view the candidacy results through the following electronic admission portal by clicking this link.


We are bringing it to your notice as it was directed by the KFU that failure to confirm acceptance at the appointed time will drop the candidate’s right to accept and allow the Deanship to pay the vacant seats from the reserve lists.