King Khalid University represented by the Deanship of Admission and Registration announces the opening dates for the electronic portal to receive applications to join the university for the academic year 1442 AH.

The programs are for the bachelor’s and diploma degrees for high school graduates and graduates, which will commences on 23/11/1441AH and last for a week (28 of the same month of Dhul Qidah, 1441). 

The Dean of Admission and Registration Department , Dr. Abdul Mohsen Bin Eid Al – Qarni explains that the university will receive applications electronically. Any interested students who want to attend the university entry to the application of the “academic” will access it through the university website to carry out the registration process.

It was reported that the acceptance does not depend on the priority of submission but the applicant percentage weighted or qualifying where they will be eligible calculated percentage (30% ؜ Cumulative percentage of public high school and 50% ؜ test capacity and 20% ؜ achievement test) for admission to the scientific disciplines for students in all disciplines.

For female students, the weighted percentage of admission to theoretical majors will be calculated for students (50% الترا cumulative percentage for high school and 50% القدرات ability test).

Also, the nomination for the admission process will be according to the qualified and weighted ratios and arrange desires differentiation on the number of seats available for each specialty, adding that the date of announcement of the nomination results will be in 30 of the month of Dhul Qidah.

KKU will put the rest of the seats by accepting the service immediately with the possibility of Change of acceptance through the electronic portal for those who have a university number and are available from the seats on Thursday 2 Dhu al-Hijjah until Saturday 18 of the same month.

In addition, the acceptance processes and registration to King Khalid Electronic University are completely performed without human intervention and without any exceptions. However, the applicant can see the admission requirements, procedures, tasks, appointments, and specializations through the university website by downloading this pdf file. You will see everything you need there.

He added that in the context of transparency for admission processes, the lowest acceptance rate for each major will be announced after the results are announced, and the Deanship will respond to admission inquiries and help solve all difficulties that the student and the student may face by submitting the application to the inquiries system on the admission system site or communicate by phone with the deanship.

How To Apply

Any interested individual can apply by clicking here when the registration starts on the stated date. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to tell us through our comment box section.

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