Dear readers! We are here to update you about the latest scholarship information from universities. You can check here everyday for the updates.

Below are the list of info received from reliable sources.

#1. Northern Border University Application Comes To End

Submission to the University of the Northern Borders for students of external scholarships for undergraduate study ends today (13/05/2020A.D – 20/09/1441A.H.). Ensure you register today before its too late. Before you sign up, check the required documents below.

The required documents are:

  • High School Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • And the other documents you have with you which indicates your experience (especially report card)
  • All papers are required in PDF format only. Don’t use JPG format but PDF.

How To Apply At NBU

To apply for the Northern Border University scholarship, make sure you do it now as it closes 11:59 pm today. To apply, click here.

#2. Al-Qasimia University Interview

A joyful announcement for those who applied to the AlQasimia_University. You are all advised to make sure you check your e-mail inbox every day as the interviews started for students who are expected to enter the university on Tuesday 12/05/2020A.D equivalents to 19/09/1441A.H.

You will receive a message via your email regarding the interview procedure. Please if you can not find the email message in your inbox, please check the spam messages as it might be dropped there.

Good luck to every applicants.

#3. United Arab Emirates University Opens For Postgraduate Application

Application for the 2020 semester is now open at the United Arab Emirates University! You can obtain degrees in internationally accredited postgraduate programs from the United Arab Emirates University (financial support available)

How To Apply

To apply for the United Arab Emirates University postgraduate program, click on the below link.

#4. American University of Sharjah for PhD Applicants

Applications are open to candidates who wish to pursue the PhD in Materials Science and Engineering on a full-time or part-time basis at #AmericanUniversityOfSharjah

To learn more, please visit or contact [email protected]
To apply, visit

Note: this is not a full scholarship


In summary, the above article is all about the latest updates from universities for international students who want to apply or who has already applied.

First of all, the Northern Border University scholarship is going to end today. The application which has opened since last month – April will just closed today. Make sure you apply now before it’s too late. All the best.

Secondly, Al-Qasimia University interview starts on Tuesday – 12/05/2020 for the successful applicants. The application has started since months ago. They screened out some applications while accepted some.

Those who their applications are successfully will be interviewed, and the required info will be sent through the candidates email. Check your email inbox now, if it’s not there, check your spam menu. All the best!

Thirdtly, the application to the United Arab Emirates University opens for the international student who want to study under the postgraduate programs. Click on the above application link to apply. We wish you all the best!

Lastly, application to American University of Sharjah. The scholarship is only opened to PhD applicants and it involves payment.

Bonus for you

We wish you all the best!