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#1. Al-Qasimia University Summer Semester 2019/2020 Commences

The summer semester began at the AlQasimia University for the academic year 2019-2020, “E-learning”, and continues until July 9 next, in its colleges: “Sharia, Islamic Studies, the College of the Holy Quran, the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Communication, and the College of Economics; according to the latest e-learning systems.

The processes of withdrawing and adding materials began during the period of 17 to 21 May this year, provided that the final exams will be held from 12 to 16 July.

#2. External transfer from other universities to Imam University

External transfer from other universities to Imam University 1442AH commences on Sunday 29/10/1441 AH (21/06/2020) and ends on Saturday 11/11/1441 AH (02/07/2020). The application submission will be electronically via the submission portal for external transfer. Read external transfer terms and conditions here.

#3. Umm Al-Qura University Announces Admission Dates

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at Umm Al-Qura University announced the opening of the gateway for admission to its unpaid programs for the next academic year from the date of 10 Shawwal 1441 AH (02/06/2020) to 19 Shawwal 1441 AH (11/06/2020)

Note that all admission procedures will be electronic “remotely”, and do not require the presence of the applicant or the applicant to the university headquarters, bearing in mind that the date for announcing the results of the final nomination will be on the date of 11 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1441 AH (02/07/2020).

Also, the admission to postgraduate studies depends on the rates of the previous educational qualification and the ability test for undergraduates.

#4. University of Najran announces the admission dates for paid master’s programs

The University of Najran has announced the deadlines for submission of admission to paid master’s programs for the academic year 1441/1442 AH, from Tuesday 10/10/1441 AH (02/06/2020) to Sunday 10/29/1441 AH (21/06/2020), through the electronic portal which can be found in this link.

#5. Deadline for withdrawing file and applying for admission

When is the deadline for withdrawing the file and applying for admission for the year 1442 AH? The deadline for withdrawing the file from the university or any other university for the purpose of applying to the acceptance portal is 10/10/1441 AH (02/06/2020).


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