The Deanship of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the opening of admission for postgraduate studies for the Master’s degree for the academic year 1441/1442 AH at the University of Taif.

Taif University announced the availability of the application for those wishing to enroll in its graduate studies programs, by opening the gate for admission to 25 qualitative master’s programs and one high diploma, as of today (Thursday, 11/111441AH until next Thursday Corresponding to the 18th of the same month via the electronic portal of the university.

The total number of programs to be opened for postgraduate studies for the academic year 1442/1441 AH in Taif University is twenty-five programs offered by the College of Science, College of Business Administration, College of Computing and Information Technology, College of Sharia and Systems, College of Arts, College of Education, College of Engineering, and the English Language Center.

The dean of graduate studies, Dr. Saad Al-Malki, stated that among the most prominent developed master’s programs are renewable and sustainable energy engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, medical education, DNA and forensic evidence, law, and contemporary Quranic studies.

Show that the newly developed master’s programs include specializations: computer mathematics applications, statistical data analysis, industrial photonics, executive business administration, web science, data science, readings, jurisprudence, translation, educational psychology, psychological counseling, growth psychology, measurement and evaluation, techniques Education, special education, educational leadership, educational policies, curricula and teaching methods, and English language teaching for non-native speakers.

He stated that the registration for admission is also opened to those wishing to join the higher diploma programs in the prevention of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, which was adopted in cooperation with the National Authority for Narcotics Control.

The Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Taif announced the suspension of admission, with the exception of this year, of the Master’s Program in Emergency and Disaster Nursing, despite the great demand for the program in the past year, in the interest of the university on the quality of the outputs, as the program requires clinical practice in the emergency departments of hospitals, for a period of two days In the week (by 16 actual hours per week), admission will resume after graduating the current batch.

He revealed that the Deanship of Graduate Studies has approved a number of alternative controls to enable those who were unable to take the general capabilities of undergraduates to apply, given the exceptional circumstances of the Corona pandemic, and taking into account the interest of applicants wishing to enroll in graduate studies programs, pointing out that these programs are a product of the Programmatic Transformation Initiative for Studies Supreme (Supreme) in its second year.

This was launched by Taif University with the participation of a large number of ministries, bodies and companies that participated in the design and arbitration of programs, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy and Planning, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Judicial Council, the General Authority for Statistics, and the National Authority for Cyber ​​Security, The Electricity Company and SABIC Company.

In addition to a large number of faculty members in Saudi universities, there’s an indication that the masters and diploma programs offered by the university enhance the adaptation of the educational system’s outputs to the labor market, and the needs of the various development and industrial sectors, as they includeProviding professional programs in some specific disciplines that serve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and the labor market, focusing on building and limiting practical skills for the target audience, and raising their professional competence by benefiting from the theories and analytical and applied studies.

Required Documents and How To Apply for the Taif University Postgraduate Studies Admission

You can read below to learn more about the admission requirement(s) in the university:

  • Civil registration or residence number
  • Bachelor Degree certificate and transcripts
  • The approval of the employer to study (if available)
  • Certificate of passing English language test
  • Biography of the applicants
  • Personal details of the applicants
  • Educational information

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