Salaam alykum! We greet all our website visitors for frequent visitations. We appreciate and will satisfy you as much as possible. We are here today to share most of the things you have to know about the Admission to Umm Al-Qura University in form of FAQs. Read below!

Q1: Let’s assume I applied for this school admission in last year, and I registered my data on the portal, but unfortunately I was not accepted, am I eligible to apply again?

A1: You’re eligible in as much your personal details is reserved. What to do is to just log in with your details such as your registration number (civil registry number), and your password and modify your application. You can also update your data if you have a mobile modification or email.

Q2: What should I do if I unfortunately lose or forget my password?

A2: When the password is lost, it can be recovered by log in to the acceptance electronic portal, then click (Forgot Password), also enter the civil registry number in the (Registration number) field, and specify one of the ways to recover the password ranging from (mobile – email – enter the verification code).

Q3: Why does my wish list not appear to me?

A3: If you are not a Saudi, your desires do not appear now, but rather appear after the approval of the Ministry of Education for the nomination. You are advised to complete your request if you are a non-Saudi. However, if you are from Saudi, then your weighted ratio may be very weak, then it means you have the option to qualify.

Q4: When registering, send me that my details are not available in Qiyas.

A4: The civil registration number and residence with which the file was opened in the acceptance gate must be the same as the one entered while registering, if it is different, you will not see your results, and the file must be opened in the acceptance portal of Umm Al-Qura University with the civil registration and private residence number with the student, review the number on your page on the admission portal as well as in a measurement center.

Q5: What is the certificate offered by graduates of the curriculum?

A5: The academic record containing the grades is raised.

Q6: The activation message did not reach my email, so that I can activate the link and login to complete the registration

A6: To avoid this, make sure that your email is written correctly. If you are sure of this and still not see it in your inbox, then ensure that the junk or spam mail is checked.

Q7: What do I do if I lose my phone number or email?

A7: You can send a request through the service (request to recover the account)

Q8: I want to apply for a scholarship at Umm Al-Qura University with but don’t know how to apply. What to do?

A8: Application into the university is very simple to the extent that a kid will be able to apply if they are allowed. To learn how to apply, you can quickly go to the application portal or visit here to learn more about it.


The above frequent questions asked and answers are questions related to portal acceptance not for acceptance to the university. Check our website soon as we are going to release the questions relate to acceptance to Umm Al-Qura University. Please don’t forget to share this for others to benefit from it.